Love Child

Love Child is an interactive “inorganism,” an environment who responds, communicates, and plays with those whom interact with her. Love Child is a singular, long, dormant vine-like creature. Love Child exists in, and is, her light; her light steals you into her. You are Love Child. We are Love Child.

Love Child was created by Emmett MacMillen and Eviah S. Obadia-Wong as a comment on the ways in which we often take our planet and its resources for granted. Listen around you and you will hear the tweets and squeaks of Love Child’s unique computerized heartbeat, then come closer. When you first approach her, she invites you to join her and play with her. She begins to breath with you and you may find yourself breathing with her after a while. Your breath is shared. Her breath however is, like ours, limited. She wants to breath with you, spend too long taking her breath though, and she can be traumatized.

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