Sit at the lunch table of our technology driven age, in a silent school cafeteria top full of LED glowing, texting, young-adult-zombies. Using abstract dance based movement and new media technology, this devised interactive performance experience brings its audience to public school in the 21st century. Through this piece, we ask our audience to consider what is at stake if we continue down our path towards a completely un-embodied, un-natured, disconnected educational system. This piece has been created by Shimshon Obadia in collaboration with fellow Interdisciplinary Performance program students Emily MacMillen, Shangning Zhu, & Melisa Hernandez-Paccagnella. This piece was created with mentorship from UBC Interdisciplinary Performance professor, Denise Kenney.

For more from Shimshon Obadia: http://www.ShimshonObadia.com

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