Rosemary and the Butter Bees

Rosemary and the Butter Bees is an audio piece designed to be a part of a larger audio installation. The installation would appear as a closet overflowing with cardboard boxes, mixed with cushions, chairs and stools. Participants would be invited to take a seat somewhere and open a box. Each box would contain a micro-controller with a movement sensor and a speaker. When the lid of the box is removed, a story inspired by the objects inside of it would play. The items inside each box vary, from stuffed animals to various other trinkets. Rosemary and the Butter Bees is a longer piece that would be split up into multiple boxes in an installation scenario, creating and incentive for the audience to explore each of the boxes to hear the whole story. Each box would contain thematically relevant objects, such as figurines, stuffed animals, or Rosemary herself. As the audio plays, participants would be welcome to pick up and examine the objects inside the box.

See the Rosemary and the Butter Bees text here.